Getting Started with Play

Well, before we get right on to installing play framework in our computers, let’s talk about what is play framework in the first place and why do we need it? Well, there are many answers to the above questions, but let me make a brief introduction on play framework. For starters, a framework is a […]

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Graph Algorithms (DFS & BFS) Explained

Depth-First Search (DFS) Depth-First search traverse through a graph in a depth-ward motion. In DFS, it uses a stack to store vertexes.  It uses that stack to remember the next vertex to search when it done all the iterations in the previous vertex. How to traverse in DFS First take a vertex to start the […]

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Big (O) Notation Explained

Firstly, before talking about Big O Notation we should try to answer the following question, “How do we compare different algorithm implementations in order to choose the best solution for our application?” It’s simply by Run-time. We need to find algorithm which takes the minimum amount of run-time to solve that particular problem.We can measure […]

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